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Golden Zither
Artist: Lotte Landl
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Welcome to Lotte Landl and her beautiful, traditional zither melodies… “Golden Zither will bring back happy and nostalgic memories to many of my listeners, as it has to me. Being a pure bred Austrian, I have included some of our good old Austrian melodies and selected pieces I just love to hear and play. I am delighted to present to you my own three new compositions. The Naughty Sparrow is dedicated to my grandson Maximilian because “my Spatzi” (sparrow) is what I call him. The Little Treasure is dedicated to my granddaughter Georgia because “my Schatzi” is my description for her. My third new track is Dreaming which I was when I wrote it. On Golden Zither you will dream too about charming Vienna, enjoy beautiful old melodies, well known folk songs and wonderful snippets from around the world.” Liebe Gruesse, Lotte. —————————————————— Lotte’s music transports you back… back to the beautiful Enns Valley in Styria, to the old farmhouse built in 1092 AD, to her 12 brothers and sisters on long winter nights, tinkling the zither around a big open fire. Lotte’s very first solo recording was dedicated to her 12 sisters and brothers who were orphaned at a very early age. Track one ‘Mondnacht ist’, was apparently her mother’s favourite song which made it most suitable as the first track! Growing up without parents t here was always singing in the house. An old guitar in the corner of the corner table and songs and yodelling were continuous. Captured on these two special compilation CDs… Zither Melodies – especially for you… plus Snowcapped Zither Melodies Down Under are some of these moods to rekindle your own fond memories. Lotte describes, “I found an old zither in our loft, it had no strings but I knew somehow it was supposed to have strings. I was told that Mamma played as a young girl and it was her zither. I wanted to hear some sound out of this instrument and found some very long horse hairs that I somehow wound onto this thing. It made little fluffy sounds. So, I wanted this zither fixed up and began to beg for it to be made up. I was then about 11. There was no money for anything like this, but I didn’t give in, I promised to go and learn from the village zither teacher Frau Danklmaier.” “Somehow I succeeded, the instrument was fixed and I started lessons. They of course also were not free. It was arranged, that for payment for the half hour per week I would take a litre can of milk from our farm. So, for two years, come hail or snow or sunshine, I walked with my little zither in one hand and a can of milk in the other, a good half hour to my teacher. She was strict and stood on the various occasions with a ruler in her hand, ready for a bit of ‘teaching me the hard way’. She was happy with me and suggested I go to Vienna’s conservatory to carry on seriously with music. But this definitely was out of the question for there was no money for something quite like that.” Lotte left home as there was nothing for all of the children to do or learn and she started working in restaurants, waitressing mainly, taking her little zither with her wherever she went and she developed a popular following. “I met my Australian husband in this ski resort ‘Wagrain’, where I was at that time dental nursing for a brother of mine. I followed him to London early 1957 and we married the same year. My first few months in London I had a small job with my zither playing in a restaurant called MonaMe, people loved it.” Lotte was encouraged to go on Hughie Green’s – Opportunity Knocks program which was a very popular weekly show on T.V.I and although very successful she didn’t win. The piece I played was The Cafe Mozart Waltz from Anton Karras which attracted lots of fan letters afterwards. “After nearly 10 years in London, my husband decided to return to Sydney and raise our three children. Fortunately, I met another Zither player by the name of Johanna. We started meeting together every week to sing and play. We got better and better at it.” Lotte & Johanna appeared on New Faces in 1968 and did well, get

Track List:

1. Blue Danube – Lotte Landl, Strauss, J
2. Old Austrian Medley: Schau, Schau Wie’s Regnen Tut/Gar Freundlich Lacht
3. White Horse Inn
4. Zither Melodies
5. Little Treasure – Lotte Landl, Landl, Lotte
6. Naughty Sparrow – Lotte Landl, Landl, Lotte
7. Dreaming – Lotte Landl, Landl, Lotte
8. La Golondrina – Lotte Landl, O’Brien, J
9. Seemann
10. Aloha Oe
11. Carnival Is Over – Lotte Landl, Springfield, T
12. La Vie en Rose/Plaisir d’Amour
13. Danny Boy/Irish Lullaby
14. Pokare Kareana/Now Is the Hour
15. Oh Mia Bella Napoli/Cielito Lindo
16. X
17. Wien Bleibt Wien – Lotte Landl, Schrammel, J


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 689076215152

Artist: Lotte Landl

Release Date: 12/12/2006

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Golden Zither


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