Jesse Malin – Glitter In The Gutte (uk) – CD


Glitter In The Gutte (uk)
Artist: Jesse Malin
UPC: 5016958075323


This is the 3rd album from the New York native and features guest appearances from Ryan Adams, Chris Shifflett [Foo Fighters], Josh Homme [Queens of the Stone Age] and Bruce Springsteen who having sought Jesse out after hearing his version of ‘Hungry Heart’ on an Uncut cover-mount CD contributes vocals to ‘Broken Radio’, including the single ‘Don’t Let Them Take You Down’ plus an intimate acoustic version of The Replacements’ ‘Bastards of Young’). One Little Indian. 2007.

Track List:

1. Don’t Let Them Take You Down
2. In The Modern World
3. Tomorrow Night
4. Broken Radio
5. Prisoners Of Paradise
6. Black Haired Girl
7. Lucinda
8. Love Streams
9. Little Star
10. Bastards Of Young
11. Happy Ever After (Since You’re In Love 2007)
12. NY Nights
13. Aftermath


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 5016958075323

Artist: Jesse Malin

Release Date: 02/27/2007

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Glitter In The Gutte (uk)


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