I-chale & The Circle Of Light – Salon D’ Esoterica (liquid Love) – CD


Salon D’ Esoterica (liquid Love)
Artist: I-chale & The Circle Of Light
UPC: 700261210056


Intoxicating vocals woven around deep drum and bass rhythms; this is the essence of I-Chèle & The Circle of Light. With a sensuous, passionate flair, I-chèle creates her own blend of reggae, highly influenced by Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Sade, just to name a few. Her positive and up-lifting message shows respect for the power of roots rock reggae and the nyabingi rhythms, and her presence captivates audiences of all ages. I-chèle grew up in New York City and was trained in theater and dance at the NYC School of Performing Arts. She traveled the world before settling down on the West Coast, where she has grown a steady fan base. Her music is aired on community radio stations all over the United States and South America. The Circle of Light is comprised of some of the Northwest’s best musicians, and was the backing band for the Northwest Showcase at the 2006 NW World Reggae Festival. ‘Salon d ‘Esoterica (Liquid Love)’ was produced by reggae legend Vince Black. Black has played guitar for many legendary groups, including Black Uhuru, Wailing Souls, Dennis Brown, Prezident Brown, Sister Carol, Dub Syndicate, Andrew Tosh, and many more, and can also often be seen performing on stage with I-chèle.

Track List:

1. I’ll Take You
2. Conquering Lion
3. Soul Mate
5. Liquid Love
6. Our Love Is Like the Ocean
7. Circle of Light
8. Reaching out for You
9. Painkiller
10. Salon d’ Esoterica
11. Ancestral Memory Dub


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 700261210056

Artist: I-chale & The Circle Of Light

Release Date: 02/06/2007

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Salon D' Esoterica (liquid Love)


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