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Other Side
Artist: Danan Healy
UPC: 700261207353


Hot on the heels of her debut EP and a slew of supporting gigs all over the East Coast, Danan Healy arrives in early 2007 with her first full length solo album, ‘The Other Side.’ With thoughtful lyrics and an intensely emotional voice, Danan bares it all in twelve tracks that range from driving rock to haunting ballad. What they all have in common is Danan’s unique and soulful presence. From the pulsing drive of ‘What I Want’ to the devastating resolve of ‘The Only Way’, Danan’s classically-trained voice buoys the listener in an ever-shifting sea of musical emotion. She demands your attention with the irresistibly catchy ‘No Good’; she captivates you in the softly acoustic ‘Love Again’ with a rhythm that builds on itself like a blossoming flower. And while many of the songs might seem upbeat and sassy at first – the quirky irreverence of ‘Despise You’ and the overtly sexual ‘Gold Star’ will make you giggle even while you bop along to the beat – pay attention to the lyrics, which reveal the undercurrents of vulnerability and raw emotion that make Danan such a compelling performer. And it’s not just her, either; the supporting band features some of the most creative and talented rock and jazz musicians the East Coast has to offer. Don’t miss this exciting and intelligent record.

Track List:

1. Beautiful
2. No Good
3. Despise You
4. Hotel Room (Version 2.0)
5. Love Again
6. Try to See
7. You Need More Love
8. What I Want
9. Mother
10. Don’t Waste My Time
11. Only Way
12. Gold Star


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 700261207353

Artist: Danan Healy

Release Date: 01/23/2007

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Other Side


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