Scott Berry – Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark – CD


Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark
Artist: Scott Berry
UPC: 634479205217


Scott’s debut CD, ‘Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark’ was released in 2002. It is a loosely organized concept album about one man’s search for love in an unforgiving modern world. The 10 songs lead the listener through hope, despair, anger, healing and resolution as the storyteller looks for, and ultimately finds true love. In sharp contrast to Scott’s more recent releases, ‘Audio Canvas’ and ‘After The Tour’ which feature a driving rock sound, ‘Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark’ is a more mellow and retrospective presentation, great for rainy day listening. It was recorded with vintage stage equipment and gives the feel of a singer/songwriter performing in a dark nightclub late at night. ‘Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark’ features expressive vocals and excellent guitar work, and will make a fine addition to your folk rock CD collection. The title track is Scott’s best selling song on Apple ITunes and continues to receive enthusiastic responses at his live shows in the Dallas area. Click on the website link for his current performance schedule and join in on the fun! To celebrate the release of Scott’s 3rd CD, ‘After The Tour’, the price of ‘Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark’ has been reduced to $7! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to pick up this great CD at a very affordable price!

Track List:

1. Is It Love? (What Your’re Feeling)
2. Friday Night
3. Last Time I Will Cry
4. A Story In Life
5. Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark
6. Understaning Of Your Needs
7. Lost In A Pattern
8. We Just Get By
9. It’s Impossilbe
10. Ain’t It Wonderful?


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 634479205217

Artist: Scott Berry

Release Date: 08/03/2004

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Blowing Smoke Rings In The Dark


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