Record Store Day 2018 at Indy CD & Vinyl

Line outside Indy CD & Vinyl.

Today’s the perfect day to go out hunting for new music. Whether you’re looking for the latest release from your favorite band, or something entirely new, Record Store Day is the day to do it.

Since 8:00 am this morning, Indy CD & Vinyl has had a line of patient music lovers stretching down Broad Ripple Avenue, waiting for the deals, limited releases, and exclusive offers to be found inside.

Indy CD & Vinyl is the official Record Store Day destination of WTTS 92.3 FM and Dogfish Head Brewing Company. Dogfish Head will be doing their own promotional work there as well. Reps are handing out beer samples for those over twenty-one. And, of course, there are deals upon deals going down in store.


Exclusive goodies for the first 100 customers included a commemorative tote bag with RSD 2018 and Indy CD & Vinyl artwork on it.

Along with that, Indy CD & Vinyl will be offering some exclusive releases from Romanus Records. These include two King Gizzard “Polygondwanaland” LED records. Each record will come with a remote control, rechargeable battery, and screen printed jacket. There will also be two liquid-filled records: Crushed Out, “Stay Wild Gator Child”, and Turbo Fruits, “Self Titled LP”.

Live Music

Nouveaurees opening on Indy CD & Vinyl’s indoor stage.

On top of everything, Indy CD & Vinyl will be keeping the party going all day with live music from local bands. The music started at noon with Nouveaurees (Daniel Evan Snyder), followed by Nicholas Rowe at 1:00 pm. There will be a different band playing on the hour, every hour, with brief DJ interludes.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the rest of the day:

2:00 pm – Duchess (DJ), 3:00 pm – A-Squared Industries (DJ), 4:00 pm Rob Funkhouser, 5:00 pm – David Peck, 6;00 pm – Mark Tester, 7:00 pm – Chives.

Of course there are other Record Stores around Indianapolis with their own promotional events for the day. And depending on what side of town you live on, you may end up going to Luna, Square Cat, Karma, or any of the others.

Indy CD & Vinyl is our choice, however, since they’ll be extending Record Store Day into the weekend with more live music and deals. Be sure to stick around for more.




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