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Good Luck
Artist: Ol’ Yeller
UPC: 789577503823


Good Luck is album number 5 from Minneapolis’ Ol’ Yeller. Review from Americana-UK.com: ‘Do you like your rock a little rootsy? A little loud, plenty of guitars, but keeping the melodies and still being able to hear the vocals? Are Stewboss ok, but really you yearn for something with a bit more guts? The come down to the dog pound, because Ol’ Yeller is just the thing for you. Actually named after the main man Rich Mattson (an old guy who yells) Ol’ Yeller are the bastard sons of the Long Ryders and Creedence Clearwater Revival and their songs are short (12 in 37 minutes), sharp and to the point. Right on that point are tracks like “Diapers” (way better than it’s title), a lament for lost innocence and potential, presented as a brutal and raw singalong. Further back are the likes of “Country Hilt”, and way, way back you’ll find “Be A New Man”, wherein Mattson chronicles, a la Randy Newman, his intent to start over (tomorrow). Mattson and co harmonise beautifully throughout, the guitar solos are crisp and never outstay their welcome. What’s not to like?’ ‘There really isn’t a bad track on this record..’ –Rift Magazine ‘One of [their] best CD’s yet..’ –Star Tribune 6/9/06 ‘Perfect pop..’–Minneapolis City Pages, 6/7/06 ‘..a reliable source of rootsy rock that goes down well with a Grain Belt.’ – The Onion 6/8/06 ‘..another picture-perfect snapshot of a place, a time and an era..’–Pulse of the Twin Cities 5/31/06.

Track List:

1. Jean Jacket Weather
2. You Can Laugh
3. I’m Not Worried
4. Country Hilt
5. You’re Taking Over
6. Bottleship
7. Wherever You’ve Been
8. Be A New Man
9. Diapers
10. Lakes
11. The Universe
12. Go On, Now
13. Big Mouth
14. Moths in the Moonlight


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 789577503823

Artist: Ol’ Yeller

Release Date: 06/20/2006

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Good Luck


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