‘michael Blumenstock – Complete Stock – CD


Complete Stock
Artist: ‘michael Blumenstock
UPC: 634479313974


‘Complete Stock’ features some edgy blues based rock tunes that pay a loose homage to the influences of Pink Floyd, early Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck, and late-night inspirations from haphazard astronomical observations. A few of the other tracks are progressive instrumental heavy rock jams which might make the commute or road trip that much more enjoyable, or at least get rid of some built-up neural clutter which can cloud the mind of often more pleasurable pursuits. Michael continues his delving into the atmospheric world music realm with the tracks “Unreason” and “The Shopping Cart Has Spoken.” The latter being an abstract statement on the indiscriminate pollution that plagues our waterways and other areas of our fragile Planet. Grab some headphones or a brew, or maybe a cup of Genmaicha and enjoy the trip. And say hello to the birds, wherever they may be. Long Live the Monkey Mind’s alter ego, Michael.

Track List:

1. Flurries for the World
2. Just Outside The Door
3. Art of Conversation
4. Blues For Maywood
5. So I Brought You Some Flowers
6. Unreason
7. Gospel In Iron
8. Cruising Along
9. The Shopping Cart Has Spoken
10. Spring Sunshine
11. Mint Julepness
12. El Saat Funk


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 634479313974

Artist: ‘michael Blumenstock

Release Date: 05/23/2006

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Complete Stock


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