Martin Case – Portfolio – CD


Artist: Martin Case
UPC: 634479062957


Portfolio is a collection of art gallery installations; music that was composed ot the gallery’s exhibit as a soundtrack for the artwork. The various exhibits lent themselves to introduce surprising worlds to each other: Electronica, classical, world and jazz elements are infused throughout the work. Strings flow into African chants and saxophones and gamalans mingle together. Portfolio really pushes the borders of the art form of composition-both technically and in terms of our understanding of the cross-culturalism that is possible today. Martin Case is a well-versed performer, composer, and multi-media/audio producer. Martin’s history of clients include Alvin Ailey, Bill T. Jones, Mark Morris, Paul Taylor, and Visionary. In the Boston community, Martin helps in the creative work of Harvard University, MIT, Boston Conservatory and the Boston Ballet. Martin has composed numerous film/television/dancescores, and produced over a dozen full-length albums. He is presently operating MartinCaseMusic, a customized music composing/producing company, performing with his group The Lee, and serving the world community though accompaniment, composition, and performance. Martin plays saxophones, piano, percussion, and various technologies. Saxophones include the tenor,alto, and soprano. Piano skills include keyboards, melodicas, the thumb piano and samplers, and percussion includes both ‘sticking’ and ‘hand’ percussion, notably W. African Djembe and Djun-Djun. Martin’s installation work has included an interactive dance floor to musically converse with dancers. For more information, please visit

Track List:

1. Modern Perspective
2. Red Robe
3. Thailand Outdoors
4. Hello Again, Scott
5. Sidney Freeman
6. Mes Apologies (Mais Je Veux Etre Clair)
7. Under
8. Montana’s Lily Pond
9. Join the Table
10. Good Afternoon
11. The March
12. Cafe Step
13. Couple 2
14. Pose 2
15. Chinese Perspective
16. Offering
17. Hot Drift
18. Offering 2
19. Daniellecassiasa
20. Women With Coat


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 634479062957

Artist: Martin Case

Release Date: 11/23/2004

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