Louden Swain – Suit & Tie – CD


Suit & Tie
Artist: Louden Swain
UPC: 803713200626


MEMORANDUM RE: Louden Swain Gets Down to Business with “Suit and Tie” Please be advised that effective immediately, Louden Swain is bringing it. This threesome of native Midwesterners, who’ve taken their name from Mathew Modine’s character–the quintessential underdog–in the 80s teen wrestling movie “Vision Quest”, are ready for the next rung on the ladder of success. With their new CD Suit and Tie, the group has firmly established themselves as a band that means business. Singer/guitarist Rob Benedict, Bassist Mike Borja, and drummer Stephen Norton met and started making music in the late 90s. As their fan base grew, so did the maturity of their songs and with 2003’s EP Overachiever, the band began to attract attention. The critically acclaimed 5 song EP featured “Only Lyin'” which was placed on MTV’s The Real World and soon after CMJ Magazine named the band one of the Top 50 Unsigned Artists of the year. By 2004, they were filling local clubs with people singing along to their favorites like “Cast Off” and “Prom”. Lead singer Rob Benedict’s acting career also added recognition to the band, with roles in the CBS drama Threshold, and the films “Waiting…” and “Kicking and Screaming” with Will Farrell. But what to do next? At end of 2004, they sat down with Grammy winning producer Clark Germain and began recording three new tracks. The enthusiasm over this venture generated a period of immense creativity for the band. They buckled down and spent the next year in the studio, jamming and writing, fueled by a new sense of purpose. 12 tracks later, they had a full roster of new songs–more emotional and charged than anything they had done to date. Whereas Overachiever dealt with scenarios and characters (the hospital patient and his unrequited love for the nurse on “Cast Off” and the neurotic boyfriend on “Codependent”), Suit and Tie addresses more personal life dilemmas. The songs deal with a range of issues, from being trapped in corporate hell (“Suit and Tie”, “Rock Song”) to screwing up good relationships (“Gina Knows”, “St. Louis”, “Blind”), to mustering the courage to break out of the routine and do something with yourself before it’s too late (“Real Life”, “A Lot to Learn”, “Operator”). The songs rock harder (“Rockit”) and dig deeper (“Walk it Off”). Sonically, the band explores new realms, adding a string section on “A Lot to Learn”, and utilizing more complex vocal harmonies through out the album. With catchy, relatable lyrics and charming style, this is the band you want on your team. Poised for a hostile take over of the oft-mundane business of life, Louden Swain is ready to shake out the fat cats, tear down the cubicles, and add a new sound and excitement to the daily routine.

Track List:

1. Suit And Tie
2. Operator
3. Gina Knows
4. Blind
5. A Lot To Learn
6. Rock Song
7. Rockit
8. Real Life
9. Long Way
10. St. Louis
11. Walk It Off
12. Homesick


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 803713200626

Artist: Louden Swain

Release Date: 09/30/2016

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Suit & Tie


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