Lincoln Adler – Are You In There? – CD


Are You In There?
Artist: Lincoln Adler
UPC: 691317001028


* Introduction * In a time when many artists’ truest musical hearts are sacrificed to the notion of ‘mainstream success at all costs,’ Lincoln Adler has made the bold decision to return to his roots. Smooth jazz fans in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles and throughout the country best know the saxophonist for his longtime leadership of Rain-bo Tribe and his well-received mid-90s solo albums ‘The Dream’ and ‘Short Stories.’ But those recordings only tell part of Adler’s story, as his vibrant new release ‘Are You In There?’ reveals. Blending such diverse jazz influences as Stanley Turrentine, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Eddie Harris, and Joe Henderson with his melodic, groove intensive leanings towards funk bands like Parliament and Earth, Wind & Fire, Adler creates a sly mix of straight ahead, blues, latin, retro-soul and world beat sounds. * The Goal * Those who have only known him as a smooth and funky sax man will be more than satisfied with the result. Adler’s goal is to show dimensions of himself he has been exploring in live situations for years, but hasn’t yet had the opportunity to capture on disc. ‘My previous projects focused on a side of music I definitely love, but really gave off no sense of my jazz roots,’ he says. ‘I’ve always loved improvisation, soloing in the jazz context, even when I was playing the more pop oriented tunes. With so many musical choices out there, the challenge is to get people’s attention with something unique and different from anything else. Going more commercial on the previous efforts earned me some respect, but I didn’t feel I was always doing what came naturally. When it came time to record this one, I knew that I’d have to do what came from inside.’ * The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra * Adler has seen tremendous growth within himself as a jazz player over the past two years, attributing much of that to his ongoing gigs with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, featuring actor/pianist Jeff Goldblum. The band has been playing regularly at Los Angeles venues, and made an appearance this year as the opening act at the Playboy Jazz Festival. Because of it’s high profile status, the band has been written up in various publications including People and L.A. Magazines. The band has enjoyed guest appearances by top musicians and celebrities like Tom Scott, Randy Crawford, Barbara Morrison, Eric Benet, Anthony Wilson, Jim Carrey and John Lovitz (who both sing on occasion!). * Chops * ‘Playing jazz standards with all of these amazing players and singers has improved my straight ahead chops tremendously, because I constantly feed off their tremendous rhythmic, melodic and harmonic challenges,’ he says. ‘My favorite players/composers are the ones who keep a tight focus on strong melodies. This shows up in my own work…I just have this desire to express myself artistically while also creating a very entertaining record.’ * Are You In There? * Adler launches ‘Are You In There?’ with a tribute to the great Eddie Harris entitled ‘Listen Up,’ . Featuring the incredible playing of Grammy nominated guitarist Anthony Wilson, this piece finds Adler winding his smoky tenor sax around the staccato keyboard harmonies of John Beasley (an incredible musician who has played with Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard). Adler slyly blends a bass clarinet harmony line around a semi-angular sax melody on the moody and seductive ‘Mysteriosa,’ which heats up at one point into a brassy salsa arrangement. After accompanying soulful vocalist Moira Dahling on the subdued late night ballad ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is,’ Adler jams with Beasley and Wilson on the explosive title track, a blues, which joyfully explores the more traditional side of his playing. A world music vibe provides a cool thread through the exotic ‘Freedom Belly Dance,’ which combines a galloping percussion groove, punchy sax melody, and some riff trading between Adler’s sax, Nick Lane’s trombone, and Rick Musallam’s eastern-influenced guitar. Adler mixes his love for a slow grind with the soulful sounds of his husky tenor sax on ‘Hipnotic Suggestion.’ ‘Hide

Track List:

1. Listen Up
2. Mysteriosa
3. You Don’t Know What Love Is
4. Are You In There?
5. Freedom Belly Dance
6. Hipnotic Suggestion
7. Hide and Seek
8. Mmm Hmm!
9. Look For the Silver Lining


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 691317001028

Artist: Lincoln Adler

Release Date: 04/09/2002

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Are You In There?


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