Keyboard Cathy – Inspiration – CD


Artist: Keyboard Cathy
UPC: 783707334806


What happens when you mix orchestral pop sounds with original Broadway show tunes? The end result is “Keyboard Cathy” singing ‘Broadway pop’ on her debut album, ‘Inspiration’, which came out in in July, 2006. The Broadway pop music on ‘Inspiration’ can be best described music from a Broadway show that doesn’t exist with pop sounds inspired by the orchestral ballad/theatrical side of “The Divine Comedy.” Expect to hear bouncy Broadway-style songs and uplifting pop that will have you flying through the air on a fluffy, white cloud. ‘Inspiration’ takes listeners on an intimate, musical journey about a variety of topics including: • Eternal love in the afterlife • Corporate politics • Sushi appreciation • Falling in love • Falling out of love • Corporate downsizing • Corporate burnout • Making friends in Barcelona • A speech contest, and last but not least, • Altruism.

Track List:

1. Eternity
2. Golden Child
3. Sushi Lover
4. Rachel Falls in Love
5. Penny for Your Thoughts
6. Less People More Projects
7. A Change
8. Curious Thing
9. Dwarves
10. Tick Tock (The Speech Contest)
11. Reflections
12. So Long & Thanks for All the Fish
13. Give a LIttle More


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 783707334806

Artist: Keyboard Cathy

Release Date: 07/18/2006

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