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Over The Horizon
Artist: Joe Turley
UPC: 807722227735


BOOGIETIME RECORDS JOE TURLEY/OVER THE HORIZON (Mac/PC Enhancement) Like a trusty set of headlights piercing a late-night, back-street fog, Joe Turley points a high-beam on rock, folk and soul with his latest all-original collection “Over The Horizon.” Turley’s heartfelt vocals and hope-provoking lyrics front an “exgroovaganza” that touches on big-city rock (“You Make Me Believe”), Stax R&B (“Real Thing”), Muscle Shoals soul (“Turn To Me,” “Soul Survivors”) and gutsy folk (“Pressin’ On”). From the wailing sax on “Ride With Me” and the tender double-reed harmonica on “Over the Horizon,” to the greasy slide guitar of “Anywhere But Where I Am” and the subtle B-3 of “No Stranger to the Blues,” Joe Turley and team bring you new sounds from an old school. There are eleven songs on “Over The Horizon,” seven co-written by longtime collaborator/friend Jeff Silbar (Grammy-winning co-writer of “Wind Beneath My Wings”), including “Soul Survivors” and “Real Thing,” which grew out of the pair’s early** Nashville writing sessions. “These songs take me back to my roots,” says Turley. ‘Two of these songs have been around for years. Jeff and I got together, like bandmates and brothers that we were, and re-worked them a little. It was like the days when we were rehearsing above the White Cloud Laundromat. Our heads were back in this place when music had a magic to it–it was fresh and alive with possibilities.” “Ivory” Joe Turley has played professional piano, sax, harmonica and guitar for others and has also kept up a steady diet of gigs with his own group, The Midnight Howlers. As a teenager, Turley was already running around central Kentucky blowing his sax, romancing his “harp” and burnin’ up the piano in juke box joints on the wrong side of the tracks. His grandfather, Daddy Red, was a well-known big-band leader who lovingly left Joe the very sax he plays today. After attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, Joe found himself in Nashville, tightening his piano/harp/sax skills and working around the world with legends like Dolly Parton, Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, Waylon Jennings and Vassar Clements. Over the most recent years, though, Joe has also explored his own artistic voice. His last CD, the swing-influenced When The Jitterbug Bites, has won many music awards and was featured in the world-watched Parade of Roses. Now with the release of “Over The Horizon,” Joe Turley is ready for his next musical chapter. “Everything I do is steeped in the blues,” says Turley. “There are also a lot of spiritual elements on this CD. I didn’t consciously try to accomplish that. After the songs were on the table, it ended up like this. I’m glad that there is mentioning of God and the way I feel about the spiritual side of things. All of these songs were a blast to sing and the players were amazing.” Check out the music and the full story at and watch for this exciting entertainer on the college and festival circuit this summer. “Over the Horizon” is overflowing with heart and soul. It’s a “feel good” CD with a down-to-Earth, yet Heavenly (ethereal, spiritual, divine?) message. It’s also an R&B melting pot simmering with songs and sounds that blend black with white, today with yesterday and reality with fantasy.

Track List:

1. You Make Me Believe
2. Ride With Me
3. Little Piece of Heaven
4. Turn to Me
5. Jade
6. Anywhere but Where I Am
7. Pressin’ On
8. Over the Horizon
9. No Stranger to the Blues
10. Soul Survivors
11. Real Thing


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 807722227735

Artist: Joe Turley

Release Date: 06/06/2006

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Over The Horizon


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