Dave Thrift – Cruise Music – CD


Cruise Music
Artist: Dave Thrift
UPC: 634479031328


Cruise Music starts off with some serious Heavy Blues/Rock featuring high energy lead guitar. Mixing in a few Jazz/Rock instrumentals and Psychedelic guitar give this CD some variety. Smokin Blues powered by Les Paul & Fender strat.

Track List:

1. Shade Of Blue
2. See It My Way
3. Cruise
4. The Blues Coming Down
5. Outer Limits
6. She’s All Mine
7. In Flight
8. Jammin
9. Free Jam
10. The Groove
11. Sounds Of Peace


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 634479031328

Artist: Dave Thrift

Release Date: 08/05/2003

Where To Buy:

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Cruise Music


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