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Buzzy Tonic
Artist: Brothers Zing
UPC: 802114184221


Buzzy Tonic is the new record album by the group The Brothers Zing, which consists of John and Martin Szinger. The brothers are happy to announce that the record is completed, and sounds great. It is a set of original songs, written and recorded mainly in 2005. The vibe is rock with a heavy jazz influence, and elements of soul, funk and prog. Guitars, saxophones, and keyboards anchor the sonic palette. Gripping musical arrangements venture fearlessly into sophisticated chords and out time signatures to support strong melodies and heartfelt, passionate songs about love, life and the universe. The project was fruitful collaboration that enabled the brothers to put a bunch of new ideas together. Martin has been singing and writing songs and playing guitar, saxophone and other instruments for many years. He has developed a well crafted and personal style. John has been a performing musician in bands in Buffalo, New York City, and San Francisco over the years. He’s played many nights of live jazz, rock, funk and soul and made recordings of jazz and electronic material. He plays numerous instruments including piano, saxophone and synthesizers.

Track List:

1. Checker Cab
2. Give Yourself Away
3. Get on Back 2 U
4. Ghost in the Machine
5. It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Day
6. Wake Up Yourself
7. Beat Is Red
8. Long Now


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 802114184221

Artist: Brothers Zing

Release Date: 07/11/2006

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Buzzy Tonic


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