Bob Nordquist – Digging In The Live Red Coals – CD


Digging In The Live Red Coals
Artist: Bob Nordquist
UPC: 798576337629


Pulse of the Twin Cites – Artist of the Week 5/31/00 Bob Nordquist “Digging in the Live Red Coals” “The thing that is immediately noticeable about Bob Nordquist is his rich, honest voice. I have never encountered a male Tracy Chapman, Nordquist has the vocals to be just that, and it is impressive. Though he has had airplay on KFAI Radio’s Urban Folk show and will hold his CD release at a coffee house, he should not be pigeonholed because his music goes beyond typical coffee house familiarity. Each song sets a different, unique mood. ‘Ashes and Jars’ evokes humid, mosquito filled nights, deep in the Louisiana bayou. There is Irish folk flavor in ‘Nicaragua’ as well as old-fashioned hootenanny in the form of ‘Scaring All her Boyfriends Off.’ Nordquist is quite a talented lyricist. His songs deal with existentialism and the human condition without being bookish. He is a regionalist musician whose songs are often set around the Minnesota/Wisconsin area. There is ‘Rose Lake,’ a lament about a boy burying his grandfather’s ashes on what is now Mounds Park in St. Paul. There is also ‘The Burned Down, Blown Down Cafe,’ a humanistic story of the goings on and eventual demise of a bar in Wisconsin. Some of the songs are musical history lessons focusing on various aspects of the world, good and bad. A particularly vivid description is the earlier mentioned ‘Nicaragua,’ a musical painting of a tourist roaming through that country following a revolution. Politics and race issues enter some of the songs without being preachy or bleeding heart. He simply tells stories as he sees them With an interesting array of mandolins, cellos, strings and the help of some of the area’s most notable musicians in the genre, Bob Nordquist has something heartfelt and unique. These songs set an interesting mood, while also making you think. Very good all around.” David Rangel Pulse of the Twin Cities 5/31/00 St. Paul Pioneer Press “…Bob Nordquist celebrates the release of his debut CD, “Digging in the Live Red Coals,” a collection of earnest personal and political songs.” Jim Walsh Pioneer Press Pop Music Critic 5/26/00 Local Blend “His lyrics reflect a global vision (“Gentle Rain”), historic roots and native cultures (“Nicaragua”) and the simple pleasures of ordinary life. Bob is nicely backed on this recording by David Hanners (mandolin) and Sena Thompson (violin). Wendy Vickers Local Blend, Mar/Apr, 2000 Artist: Bob Nordquist CD: Digging in the Live Red Coals Jennifer Layton, The best way to listen to Bob Nordquist’s “Digging in the Live Red Coals” is to close your eyes and imagine the stories he’s telling. He even provides the atmosphere in some places – ocean waves in “The First Black Man in America” and a scratchy record effect on the old-time bluesy “1,000 lbs of Pressure.” This is folk music with a social conscience. Sometimes it tackles general issues like prejudice in a small town or the uncertainties of a young boy growing up. At times, Nordquist comes right out and gets confrontational. On “Ashes and Jars,” for example, which expresses the sadness of living on land taken from the Native Americans and not realizing the significance of the history it contains, he sings: “We watch the Redskins and we watch the Chiefs We watch the Indians and we watch the Braves We do the chop, we get drunk and chant And that’s our idea of a culture saved.” Just when the messages are getting a bit heavy-handed, Nordquist breaks it up with a little something different. “Scaring All Her Boyfriends Off” provides a bit of humor. Then there’s the CD’s high point, “The Burned-Down, Blown-Down Cafe.” This song breaks into a bluegrass spirit and has a great live sound. Most of the music on this CD is quiet so you can focus on the message. It features beautiful violin accompaniment as well as mandolin and cello. Don’t get too serene, though. Nordquist really grooves on the harmonica when the tempo speeds up. Bob Nordquist Digging in the Live Red Coals The second thing that calls attention to itself while listening to Digging in the Live Red Coals is Bob

Track List:

1. The First Black Man In America
2. Ashes and Jars
3. Grounders
4. Nicaragua (sera’ libre)
5. Quiet Town
6. Scaring All Her Boyfriends Off
7. Rose Lake
8. You Showed Me Kindness
9. The Burned-Down, Blown-Down Cafe’
10. Wedding On Snowbank Lake
11. Come Back Joseph
12. Gentle Rain
13. 1,000 Lbs. of Pressure


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 798576337629

Artist: Bob Nordquist

Release Date: 01/09/2001

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Digging In The Live Red Coals


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