The The. – Burning Blue Soul (uk) – CD


Burning Blue Soul (uk)
Artist: The The.
UPC: 5014436113024


Out of print in the U.S.! Originally issued as a solo album by Matt Johnson, formerly of the Gadgets, Burning Blue Soul’s dark musical landscapes didn’t garner much interest when first released. A few years later, when he became The The, things were different and this album eventually was reissued under that band’s name. 10 tracks.

Track List:

1. Red Cinders In The Sand
2. Song Without An Ending
3. Time Again For The Golden Sunset
4. Icing Up
5. Like A Sun Risin Thru My Garden
6. Out Of Control
7. Bugle Boy
8. Delirious
9. The River Flows East In Spring
10. Another Boy Drowning


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 5014436113024

Artist: The The.

Release Date: 01/30/2007

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Burning Blue Soul (uk)


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