Richie Spice – Spice In Your Life – CD


Spice In Your Life
Artist: Richie Spice
UPC: 54645173827


Singer Richie Spice was one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Jamaica in 2004 with the international hits ‘Earth A Run Red’ and ‘Marijuana’. The album Spice In Your Life was an underground smash. Establishing Richie as a musical force to be reckoned with and helping to further the roots rebirth movement in reggae. Now, VP Records has remastered and recompiled the original album adding two additional hit tracks from 2005. “Spinning Around’ and ‘Ghetto Girl’ on the Hard Times riddim freshen the sequence and document the progression of the artist to the present time. 2006.

Track List:

1. Sometimes (Spice In Your Life)
2. Identity
3. Black Like Tar
4. Little Elements
5. Crying Out For Love
6. Righteous Youths
7. Run Red Intro
8. Earth a Run Red
9. More Terrible (aka 911)
10. Folly Living (aka Blood Again?)
11. Check Yourself
12. Move Dem Out
13. Chalwa
14. Marijuana
15. Outta the Blue
16. Prime Time Girl
17. Holiday
18. Fake Smile
19. Reggae’s a Fire
20. Spinning Around
21. Ghetto Girl


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 54645173827

Artist: Richie Spice

Release Date: 06/06/2006

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Spice In Your Life


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