Reel World String Band – Live Music – CD


Live Music
Artist: Reel World String Band
UPC: 783707230207


For 29 years these five women in Kentucky have made music dedicated to the rich Southern Appalachian tradition, charged-up audiences to dance and sing, and all the while singing about the enviroment and working people’s struggles.

Track List:

1. Bury Me In Bluegrass
2. Gone Camping
3. Co-Dependent With You
4. Gabrielle’s Song
5. The Stamping Ground Set
6. Logs on the Highway
7. Kentucky Blackberry Blossom/I Walk the Line
8. Cosby
9. Tiptoe Lightly
10. Contest Comin’/Cripple Creek
11. Who Owns Appalachia
12. Karsen’s Real
13. Where Kentucky’s Blue Moon Rose


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 783707230207

Artist: Reel World String Band

Release Date: 12/13/2005

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Live Music


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