Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t. – Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t. – CD


Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t.
Artist: Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t.
UPC: 28947630913


The Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack features original music by Dario Marianelli and performed by acclaimed classical pianist Jean Yves-Thibaudet.

Track List:

1. Dawn
2. Stars And Butterflies
3. The Living Sculptures Of Pemberley
4. Meryton Townhall
5. The Militia Marches In
6. Georgiana
7. Arrival At Netherfield
8. A Postcard To Henry Purcell
9. Liz On Top Of The World
10. Leaving Netherfield
11. Another Dance
12. The Secret Life Of Daydreams
13. Darcy’s Letter
14. Can’t Slow Down
15. Your Hands Are Cold
16. Mrs. Darcy
17. Credits


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 28947630913

Artist: Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t.

Release Date: 11/08/2005

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Pride & Prejudice / O.s.t.


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