Paulette Dozier – With You – CD


With You
Artist: Paulette Dozier
UPC: 684557419326


The name Dozier is no stranger to the music industry and Paulette Dozier continues the legacy bringing her own unique style to the songs she interprets. Paulette is keenly drawn to nostalgic songs of the 40s, and with contemporary rhythms to revitalize the sound, new flavor is added to all of her tunes taken from the golden era. Paulette’s contribution to producing original music has always been as a lyricist. When writing in collaboration with her pianist, Mike Levine, Paulette finds inspiration through his skillful style of playing reminiscent of legendary greats like Earl Hines. Levine’s old school technique brings out the best in her, and knowing how much she enjoys creating new riffs, he gives her the measures to express herself. Mike dresses their songs with a hint of soul, a touch of gospel and lots of jazz while Paulette draws on her romantic experiences to define the essence of their tunes. Her fondness for 40s music and his playing style make a winning combination for rejuvenating timeless classics and creating songs destined to become classics. Dozier has been singing professionally since the age of 23 and she feels that venue variety is one of the keys to building a great performer. What makes her the engrossing entertainer that she is is her experience having performed in a range of venues including those from the small, over crowded, smokey nightclub where brushing up against an overly enthusiastic spectator was expected; to forums that house 20,000 screaming fans like El Poliedro de Caracas. Either place, she commands the stage and has always been highly appreciated by those who see her in action. This eye-catching jazz stylist and scat singer is quite versatile in the talent arena. She’s also an actress, model and voiceover performer. Yet, it doesn’t matter if she’s contracted for a role in a theater musical, hired to lead a flamboyant revue or simply relaxing in a laid back jam session with a musician like guitarist Paco de Lucia, her signature jazz style accompanies her. Paulette Dozier is a grand performer who builds upon an old school foundation with drive, and she is definitely an act not to be missed.

Track List:

1. Only You
2. Groovin’ With Marvin
3. Fever
4. Nature Boy
5. Ode to Billie and Freddy
6. With You
7. Just In Time
8. Alfie
9. I’m In Love
10. Walk On By


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 684557419326

Artist: Paulette Dozier

Release Date: 03/08/2005

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With You


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