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Road To Numbville
Artist: Number
UPC: 653496073821


In 1997 Number released their first cassette Polaroid Cupcake consisting of four songs which proved as different as the four seasons. The song Worldwide Buzz is the band’s pop-rock hit and a favorite tune that appeared on Number’s next 2 releases. Run On Sentence’s driving beat and energetic lyrics allowed the band to rock out and turn on every foot pedal in the house. The song The Demise Of Agnes B. Hickey overcame several makeovers (rewrites) before Agnes’ true spirit breathed every note in the song. The title’s ruse of a demise is anything but a demise when our favorite Dragnet character establishes a groovy and hip power trip at the close of the song. The final song on Polaroid Cupcake, Ernestine, is a playful little tune and our tribute to one of Hollywood’s most loveable actors, Ernest Borgning. In 1998 their second cassette Paint By Number was released containing Worldwide Buzz along with three new songs. Candy Kane is a beautiful love song and a proven favorite to our Moms who have on occasion actually disputed over which Mom loved the song the most. Thanks Moms! Our next song, Sunshine Diplomat, was our anti-Candy Kane song. If we win you over with the sweetness of Candy Kane then Sunshine Diplomat will scare you away as it has done to many people at our live shows. Our job is done if, when you listen to Sunshine Diplomat, you eventually plug your ears with your fingers. Don’t tell us our music is too loud, we wrote it that way. And finally, what release would be complete without a punk rock song to round out the mixture? The last song, Chicken of the Sea is just that and one of our favorite songs to close a live show. In February of 1999 Number release their full length CD Road To NUMBville. Included were the songs Worldwide Buzz, Sunshine Diplomat, Candy Kane, Run On Sentence and Chicken of the Sea. Again, songs too good to keep from our hungry fans so we decided to include them on the CD. Since RTN’s release we haev re-recorded The Demise of Agnes B. Hickey and plan to include the new version on our next CD. It just goes to show you that even though we have recorded a song and released it on a cassette or CD we might continue working on that song and create a fresh new attraction worthy of a new unveiling. Also included on Road To NUMBville were four new songs: Onion Skin – a precise comparison to two things that could make anyone cry – onions and a love life. Pamela Lee – a fun loving song written before Tom and Pamela Lee separated, divorced, reunited and [re-married]. Their rocky marriage has been a concern of ours as well as theirs and we always wish them well. Crack Baby – a homage to all the helpless adults (who act like babies) in the world who have no one to speak for them. Lemon Bang – believe it or not – another Dragnet reference – maybe watch the program enough and you could find enough material to write a few songs…..noise opus.

Track List:

1. Worldwide Buzz
2. Sunshine Diplomat
3. Candy Kane
4. Run On Sentence
5. Onion Skin
6. Pamela Lee
7. Crack Baby
8. Kevorkian
9. Chicken of the Sea
10. Lemon Bang


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 653496073821

Artist: Number

Release Date: 06/27/2000

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Road To Numbville


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