Marazine – As The Pitch Maintains – CD


As The Pitch Maintains
Artist: Marazine
UPC: 634479069741


Marazine, though, hasn’t been quite so unwavering in it’s style. In the few years that the band has been around, Marazine has tightened it’s sound and better fused a range of influences that runs the rock spectrum of techno, metal, glam, prog and punk. Marazine captured the spirit of the latest incarnation on ‘As the Pitch Maintains,’ a five-song (plus two short instrumental segues) EP. The band’s gloom fully blossoms on the opening track, ‘There’s No Tomorrow.’ ‘Better Place’ glows with future-shock aura. The title track and ‘Take a Step’ nicely combine the trio’s many interests, popping a metallic guitar lick here, laying down a glam-style psychedelic vocal melody there, and so on. Marazine As The Pitch Maintains is available at Newbury Comics, CD Baby & many Independent record stores. Marazine has played with: Dope, Twisted Method, Wednesday 13, Trash Light Vision, Deadstar Assembly, Double Drive, RA, Slunt, White Lion, Enuff Z Nuff, Kings X, Chris Slade (From ACDC) & Joe Leste (From Bang Tango & Beautiful Creatures)…

Track List:

1. There’s No Tomorrow
2. As The Pitch Maintains
3. Take A Step
4. There’s Nothing Left To Lose
5. Better Place
6. The Phone
7. Bob & the Spiderz Fro Marz


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 634479069741

Artist: Marazine

Release Date: 02/22/2005

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As The Pitch Maintains


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