Jim Pietkivitch – Twilight Dreams – CD


Twilight Dreams
Artist: Jim Pietkivitch
UPC: 791381815122


Jim has been involved in music his whole life as a serious listener, performer and composer. His music instructions began at the age of eleven when he learned the oboe. Jim started playing piano when he took private lessons from Charles Mahdasian in 1978, followed by eight years of music instruction from Dean Murphy and well known jazz instructor, Al Clausen. Jim started drumming in 1980 and took four years of private lessons from nationally known jazz drummer, Joe Pulice. As a drummer, Jim was primarily involved with original progressive rock bands and an award winning-high school jazz ensemble. In 1989, Jim added synthesizers to his repertoire and released his debut recording, TWILIGHT DREAMS, in 1994. Jim’s professional career began when Ivory Moon Recordings re-released TWILIGHT DREAMS in 1995 to the national market. In 1997, Jim started the Electrofine Music recording label. SPIRAL JOURNEY, the label’s first release, received international recognition, national distribution, and was aired on NPR and public radio. Jim’s new album, INNER WORLDS, includes performances by vocalist and flutist, Melanie Lunsford, giving his music even wider appeal.

Track List:

1. Underground Passage
2. Transformation
3. Earthdance
4. Modern Times
5. Cyber-Dream
6. Luna Lake


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 791381815122

Artist: Jim Pietkivitch

Release Date: 02/22/2005

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Twilight Dreams


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