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Gigantic / Various
Artist: Gigantic / Various
UPC: 634479016301


GIGANTIC OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: 28/06/04 CAT NO: MR057 ‘Gigantic’ is the highly anticipated 4th new music album of the year from Matchbox Recordings. Featuring a selection of the best new totally Independent music. This global album features bands and artists from Belguim, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Russia, Antigua, Italy and the U.K . Indie Rock/Pop, Power Pop, Acoustic, Electro, Punk, Lo-Fi and more. A massive and gigantic celebration of the hottest new music from the best new music label and Radio Station.

Track List:

1. The Dallas Explosion – She’s a Heater
2. Playing Nervous – Beautiful Face
3. Fuzzykane – Baby’s on my Frequency, Yeah
4. Superbox – Teachers Daughter
5. The Absentee ‘? Reverie
6. Tin Can Rockets ‘? Lately
7. The SCCC – Chase Scene
8. Reveal – I Hope You Know
9. Headroom – Walk Away
10. The Wahey’s – I’m in Loathe
11. No-Fly Zone ‘? Get Plugged In
12. Zan Zeiro – Dirty Place
13. The Holloh ‘? Realise
14. Terra Ferra – Brilliant Sun
15. The Coming – Give it All
16. Lipreader – Rest Your Head
17. Kathy September – Guilty Roses
18. Jo Suweit – New Years Eve 2000
19. Paul Birtwell – Until We Cry
20. Slider ‘? Synthetic Heart
21. JC’s Revenge – Daphne Blake
22. Many Many More – May Day


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 634479016301

Artist: Gigantic / Various

Release Date: 07/13/2004

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Gigantic / Various


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