Bc & The Blues Crew – Creole Etouffee – CD


Creole Etouffee
Artist: Bc & The Blues Crew
UPC: 660355718724


BC and The Blues Crew has become one of the most highly recognized and respected group of musicians in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Led by the powerful New Orleans born vocalist, ‘Miss BC’ Bev Conklin, this band has a very attractive combination of Blues, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Zydeco, Jazz, Funk, and Rock. Voted BEST BLUES BAND year after year as well as BEST FEMALE VOCALIST, BEST KEYBOARDIST, and BEST CD (Creole Etouffee). This band has one of the most respected rhythm sections in the Northeast and all the members combined have performed with national touring artists throughout their career. The quality of their musicianship and how they convey their passion separately and together as a unit is what gives this band it’s successful, signature style and sound. Current members of the Blues Music Association, the Blues Foundation (also top finalist of their international talent competition in 1998), and numerous blues societies, this group maintains is alluring nature and looks forward to meeting you at an area festival soon…

Track List:

1. Final Chapter On You
2. I Just Want
3. To Whom It May Concern
4. Bill Paxton, Help Us Escape
5. Hey Hey
6. Race Street
7. Baby She’s Your Crime
8. Taking Out the Garbage
9. Searched So Long
10. Tear It Down
11. Many Miles
12. Big Cat Smile
13. Don’t Mess With Me Baby


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 660355718724

Artist: Bc & The Blues Crew

Release Date: 09/24/2002

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Creole Etouffee


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