Scott H. Biram – Dirty Old One Man Band – CD


Dirty Old One Man Band
Artist: Scott H. Biram
UPC: 744302012223


Biram’s blend of punk, delta blues, and hillbilly throws down the boogie gauntlet and sends a feral bolt of brimstone south of your studded leather belt. This is gospel music for the 13th circle, and he’s singing it like his feet are already halfway in the fires. “… a runaway freight car busting at the rivets with greasy, meat-grinder-raw country-blues-punk stompers and lonesome ballads.” – PASTE MAGAZINE

Track List:

1. Blood Sweat & Murder
2. Hit The Road
3. Someday Baby
4. Wreck My Car
5. Raisin’ Hell Again
6. I See The Light/What’s His Name?
7. Whiskey
8. Muleskinner Blues
9. Truck Driver
10. Sweet Thing
11. BBQ Commercial
12. Throw A Boogie/Black Betty
13. Downtown Chicken
14. CB Transmissions


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 744302012223

Artist: Scott H. Biram

Release Date: 03/22/2005

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Dirty Old One Man Band


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