Scooter – Rough & Tough & Dangerous: 94-98 (ger) – CD


Rough & Tough & Dangerous: 94-98 (ger)
Artist: Scooter
UPC: 4009880645024


Scooter fuse hard rock with electronica for a sound that is a unique European hybrid. Most of the group’s singles from the years 1994-98 can be found on this release: ‘Fire’ (3 versions: ‘Extended Emergency’, Album & Live), ‘I’m Raving’, a remake ofBilly Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ (‘Radio’ & Live Versions) plus eleven more.

Track List:

1. Hyper Hyper
2. Move Your Ass
3. Friends
4. Endless Summer
5. Back in the U. K
6. Let Me Be Your Valentine
7. Rebel Yell
8. I’m Raving
9. Break It Up
10. Fire
11. Age Of Love
12. No Fate
13. Fire (Live)
14. Rebel Yell (Live)
15. Break It Up (Live)
16. Age of Love (Live)
17. Vallee de Lermes (Reincarnation By the Loop! Version)
18. Rhapsody In E
19. Move Your Ass (Untra Sonic Remix)
20. Friends (Ramon Zenker Club Mix)
21. Across The Sky
22. Endless Summer (Datura Remix)
23. Back In Time
24. Inity Without Words (Part Il)
25. Euphoria
26. Let Me Be Your Valentine (Commander Tom Remix)
27. B-Site
28. I’m Raving (Taucher Remix)
29. Fire (D. O. N. S. Burn Rubber Remix)


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: DANCE

UPC: 4009880645024

Artist: Scooter

Release Date: 01/20/2004

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Rough & Tough & Dangerous: 94-98 (ger)


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