Preview: Buckethead at the Vogue

Noted Metal Musician Buckethead Comes to Play Indy’s Vogue Theater On April 27th

Musicians, like almost all creative types, are known for their eccentricities. They just aren’t like the rest of us, otherwise they couldn’t do what they do. Or so the story goes, anyway. That said, every group has its outliers, and even musicians are no exception. Eccentrics so eccentric that their eccentricities almost take on a life of their own. One of those outliers is the man they call Buckethead. Famous not only for his oddball choice of costume, but for his enormous talents as a guitarist, Buckethead is a legend in heavy metal circles. And he’s coming to Indy’s Vogue Theater to give us all a taste.

A Brief History

While it’s tempting to believe that Buckethead entered our world through some kind of eldritch portal, he didn’t. Instead, Brian Carroll entered the world in 1969 the way rest of us do. According to the man himself, his Southern California childhood was an isolated one. An introvert, Carroll spent most of his time in his room or at the nearby Disnyland theme park. At age 12, Carroll learned guitar from an elderly neighbor. Initially, Carroll didn’t pursue the guitar seriously, but when his family moved to Claremont, California he began taking lessons in music shops.

1988 saw the birth of Buckethead. After watching Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Meyers, Carroll bought a mask that resembled the titular killer’s. Later that night, Carroll was eating KFC when he decided to do what any reasonable person would: he put the empty bucket on his head. And so was Buckethead unleashed upon the world.

His Sound

If it’s metal, then Buckethead is all over it. Beyond that, his sound can be a little hard to describe. Especially since he’s released 305 albums to date. Generally speaking, he’s not big on vocals and sticks to instrumental tracks. Also, while he mostly hangs around the land of power chords and distortion, he also loves his funk and makes heavy use of it. Outside of that, anything’s far game. Even so, there is one constant in his music. Specifically, his enormous skill as a guitarist. That, combined with a love of experimentation, gives him a wild, improvisational feel. Like jazz, except with more squealing guitars.

So, as always. The venue is the Vogue Theater, door’s at 8:00.

See you there!




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