Morgan Heritage – Three In One – CD


Three In One
Artist: Morgan Heritage
UPC: 54645165624


Morgan Heritage is the first family of reggae music. They have consistently shown themselves to be one of reggae’s most compelling acts on record and stage. Their latest effort THREE IN ONE features a range of songs illustrating the varied influences that they have encountered along their musical and journey. Blending classic reggae riddems with vocal and song writing influences as diverse as Curtis mayfield and Kurt Cobain. First single: “Jump Around II”

Track List:

1. Jump Around
2. Ah Who Dem – Junior Kelly, Morgan Heritage
3. Truth
4. Rebel
5. Man Is Still a Man
6. Everything Is Still Everything
7. Man in Love
8. She’s Still Loving Me
9. Judge Not
10. Works to Do, Pt. 1
11. Nice Up U Medi
12. Anti-War Song (Someone Knows)
13. Meant II Be
14. Few Words
15. What’s Going On
16. In the Ghetto – Anthony B., Morgan Heritage
17. Falling Race
18. Massive Rock
19. Jump Around [Remix]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 54645165624

Artist: Morgan Heritage

Release Date: 04/29/2003

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Three In One


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