Maquiladora – House All On Fire – CD


House All On Fire
Artist: Maquiladora
UPC: 708527015728


Maquiladora is three multi-instrumentalists from San Diego. Founded in 1995 in London by singer Phil Beaumont (God Machine’s manager) and drummer Eric Nielsen as Loraine, they became Maquiladora when the two returned to California and enrolled guitarist Bruce McKenzie. This is their fifth album of Western, desert/folk, country/rock of the mellowest and most gently mind-expanding kind. Think Calexico, Giant Sand, Court & Spark, Beechwood Sparks or Cowboy Junkies. Darla. 2005.

Track List:

1. Simply To See You
2. Nightmares And Light
3. Storyteller
4. Careless Fearless
5. Blackend And Damaged
6. Summer Of Sad Songs
7. Long Lost Love
8. Lo Escribe En El Alma
9. Atop The Infinite
10. White Sands
11. Katella Avenue Blues


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 708527015728

Artist: Maquiladora

Release Date: 10/25/2005

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House All On Fire


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