Amorphis – Far From The Sun (bonus Tracks) (enh) – CD


Far From The Sun (bonus Tracks) (enh)
Artist: Amorphis
UPC: 727361133023


Taking their name from “Amorphous” meaning ‘no determinate form or shape’, Finland’s most creative and acclaimed metal band have certainly lived up to their name over the course of their 14-year career! Amorphis have been on the forefront of modern metal this past decade, often being described as “ahead of their time”. Mixing metal roots and their love for classic rock and Finnish folklore, the band have created their own distinct sound composed of intoxicating melodies and aggressive soundscapes, which is the main reason the band have accrued a massive and loyal international fan base. This enhanced CD includes the band’s new video, plus 5 bonus tracks.

Track List:

1. Day of Your Beliefs
2. Planetary Misfortune
3. Evil Inside
4. Mourning Soil
5. Far from the Sun
6. Ethereal Solitude
7. Killing Goodness
8. God of Deception
9. Higher Ground
10. Smithereens
11. Shining Turns to Grey
12. Follow Me into the Fire
13. Darkrooms
14. Dreams of the Damned
15. Far from the Sun [Acoustic Version]
16. Evil Inside [Multimedia Track]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 727361133023

Artist: Amorphis

Release Date: 09/07/2004

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Far From The Sun (bonus Tracks) (enh)


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