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Moulin Rouge 2 / O.s.t.
Artist: Moulin Rouge 2 / O.s.t.
UPC: 606949322823


This second soundtrack will be released as a compa nion piece to the film DVD, as well as the release of the film on Pay-Per-View TV in February. This album provides a new opportunity to get all of the music from the original movie, featuring songs that weren’t included on the original soundtrack.

Track List:

1. Your Song
2. Sparkling Diamonds [Original Film Version]
3. One Day I’ll Fly Away
4. The Pitch (Spectacular Spectacular) [Original Film Version]
5. Come What May [Original Film Version]
6. Like a Virgin [Original Film Version]
7. Meet Me in the Red Room [Original Film Version]
8. Your Song
9. The Show Must Go On [Original Film Version]
10. Ascension/Nature Boy (From the Death and…)
11. Bolero (Closing Credits) [Original Film Version]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 606949322823

Artist: Moulin Rouge 2 / O.s.t.

Release Date: 02/26/2002

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Moulin Rouge 2 / O.s.t.


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