Michel Wintsch – Sharing The Thirst – CD


Sharing The Thirst
Artist: Michel Wintsch
UPC: 5024792030026


The second Leo Records CD by the Swiss composer/pianist Michel Wintsch features Gerry Hemingway, Banz Oester, Marie Schwab & Natalie Saudan. The album was recorded after a long tour of Belgium, Germany, Poland & the Czech Republic. It’s a fusion of a male trio with female strings, and is truly unique music, with modern folk, acoustic & electronic elements. This is also the music of an undiscovered people, compelled to live in freedom at the border where all cultures meet.

Track List:

1. Gentian’s Edginess
2. Painter Mikailov
3. Edelweiss Edema
4. Alone, But in the Field
5. Sharing the Thirst
6. Belly of Nothingness
7. Two Streets
8. Drowning Tree
9. Yesterday’s Bowel
10. Overlapped Hazes
11. Quixotic
12. I Love to Feel the Oddity of the World


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 5024792030026

Artist: Michel Wintsch

Release Date: 04/10/2001

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Sharing The Thirst

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