Melbourne, Australia is now officially the live music capital of the world


Move over, Austin. A new study has revealed that Melbourne, Australia is now the official live music capital of the world.

A study from the Melbourne Live Music Census showed that Melbourne has the most live music venues per capita of anywhere in the world. The city was calculated to have 553 venues that host regular performances, or one music venue for every 9,503 residents. New York City by comparison has 453 venues, or one for every 18,554 residents.

To put it another way, it has been calculated that Melbourne’s music venues host around 73,000 gigs each year, a noted increase from previous years.

Many local musicians have identified the city has more favorable to live performance than any other major Australian city. Sydney, for example, has experienced recent regulatory issues including controversial bar lockout laws, and noise complaints at regular music venues that have forced some acts to end shows early.

Austin, meanwhile had recently introduced free Lyft rides for musicians in an attempt to boost the already growing music business. While Lyft has no plans to enter the Australian market for now, the city’s regular public bus and train transport system has also been one of many factors that have helped the logistics of the local music scene. Melbourne has also regularly become the world’s most livable city as labeled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) for the last several years.


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