Lonnie Mack – From Nashville To Memphis (uk) – CD


From Nashville To Memphis (uk)
Artist: Lonnie Mack
UPC: 29667180726


Third & final volume in Ace Records’ anthology series for the guitar legend highlights Lonnie’s recordings for Harry Carlson’s Cincinnati-based Fraternity label between 1963 and 1967. It follows in the wake of Lonnie On The Move & Memphis Wham! 26 tracks including previously unissued versions. 2001 release.

Track List:

1. Soul Serenade – Beau Dollar And The Coins
2. Nashville
3. No More Pain
4. Blues Twist Part 1
5. Blues Twist Part 2
6. Tonky Go Go
7. She Don’t Come Here Anymore
8. Honky Tonk 65
9. Buckaroo
10. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
11. Omaha
12. Cryin Over You
13. Coastin
14. When I’m Alone
15. The Circus Song
16. Are You Guilty
17. Wildwood Flower
18. Don’t Make My Baby Blue
19. Down In The Dumps
20. Any Day Now – Beau Dollar And The Coins
21. Teacha – Denny Dumpy Rice
22. Doggin – Denny Dumpy Rice
23. Instrumental Number 1 – Denny Dumpy Rice
24. I’m So Satisfied – Max Falcon
25. Goodbye Baby Goodbye – The Charmaines
26. Memphis


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 29667180726

Artist: Lonnie Mack

Release Date: 07/31/2001

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From Nashville To Memphis (uk)


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