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Hysteria (eng)
Artist: Human League
UPC: 77778729921


Hysteria is a worthy follow-up which took the highest points of Dare! And added just enough new wrinkles to keep from sounding like a mere retread. The sly “Don’t You Know I Want You” is a tongue-in-cheek example. The harsher “The Lebanon” even introduces guitar to the band’s synthesizer sound, but it’s touching ballads like “Life on Your Own” and “Louise” which have the biggest impact. (Unfortunately, the remake of “I Love You Too Much,” which had appeared in a far superior version on Fascination, is something of a botch.) Hysteria is a fine Synthpop album, but by 1984, the year of the first Smiths album and other indie guitar breakthroughs, The Human League seemed old hat. EMI Gold. 1997.

Track List:

1. I’m Coming Back
2. I Love You Too Much
3. Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Ag
4. Louise
5. Lebanon, The
6. Betrayed
7. Sign, The
8. So Hurt
9. Life On Your Own
10. Don’t You Know I Want You


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 77778729921

Artist: Human League

Release Date: 01/01/2003

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Hysteria (eng)


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