Free Radicals – Our Lady Of Eternal Sunny Delights – CD


Our Lady Of Eternal Sunny Delights
Artist: Free Radicals
UPC: 654483001025


The Houston Press, 1/03/02 ‘Ever since Free Radicals invaded the Houston music scene in 1996, the continually evolving collective has been ballyhooed as ‘the most unique’ band in Space City. And as clichŽd as that sounds, there is no better way to describe this innovative group and it’s eclectic fusion of jazz, funk, ska, reggae, African and Indian music, and Latin jazz. Front man Nick Cooper founded the horn-heavy hodgepodge of musicians with both experimentation and a high level of musicality in mind. Our Lady meets both his goals. With influences ranging from Charles Mingus to the Skatalites, Free Rads’ second CD, Our Lady of Eternal Sunny Delights, is a treasure chest filled with 31 gems. To keep the music fresh, over 50 players lend their talents to this CD. Songs like ‘Killer Bee Honey’ and ‘The Planets’ show that Free Radicals isn’t afraid to keep things real. These groove-drenched cuts are so funky, the body wants to get up and move something — right down to the atomic level where the protons and neutrons are doing some finger-snappin’ and toe-tappin’ of their own. Other ‘how the hell did they put those sounds together’ cuts include the Asian-influenced ‘Musafir Wapas’ and the James Brown-style ‘Skillets.’ Free Radicals’ strident political voice rings through loudest on ‘Nyamezela Kwedini,’ a tribal ode that puts the listener right in the middle of African tradition and ritual. This is definitely the kind of music one would expect from a group who once delivered a nonstop 24-hour benefit concert for community and political progress. Free Rads has always been less about the kind of change you find in your pocket than the kind you effect with placards and ballots. Overall, this trippy Lady seems like one of the more hallucinatory characters in Alice in Wonderland . Somehow, though, Free Radicals’ superb blend of genre-jumping rhythms and riffs has managed to make sense out of what would seem to be a recipe for improvisational chaos. Expect a wild and seductive ride.’ — Maurice Bobb The New Yorker, 3/27/00 ‘The horn-heavy, continually evolving collective Free Radicals produces a wildly eclectic fusion that has as many influences as there are items in the Houston, Texas, pawnshop in which they honed their sound during all-night jam sessions. The mark of such musicians as Henry Threadgill, Charles Mingus, James Brown, and the Skatalites can be heard on the twenty-nine songs on the band’s self-produced debut CD, ‘The Rising Tide Sinks All,’ which, by the way, features fifty-five musicians. Expect fewer live performers, but no less of a wild show.’

Track List:

1. Wave
2. Ocho
3. Killer Bee Honey
4. Musafir Wapas
5. Skillets
6. Sunstroke
7. La Celestina
8. In Between the Seasons
9. Mound
10. The Planets
11. King Conundrum
12. Satellite Dust
13. Aleen Parkway Village
14. One Pow to End It
15. Bombs Burst Bright on the Lawn
16. Elbow
17. Mr. P C
18. Irrational Exuberance
19. Nyamezela Kwedini
20. Free Jazz vs. Free Trade
21. Circle-O
22. Dance of the Continents
23. Favella
24. The Magician of Lublin
25. Sunrise
26. Mad Cowbell
27. Fire Escape
28. Mt. Ararat
29. Ganga Kit Laren
30. Handmaster Caffarena
31. One Meow to End It


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 654483001025

Artist: Free Radicals

Release Date: 08/24/2000

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Our Lady Of Eternal Sunny Delights


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