Chuck Mangione – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – CD


Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Artist: Chuck Mangione
UPC: 82839670128


In July of 1978, 18, 000 people gathered in the Hollywood Bowl to hear pop-jazz star Chuck Mangione perform with his quartet and a 70-piece orchestra. Released as a 2-LP set in 1979, the An Evening of Magic: Live at the Hollywood Bowl album was the zenith of Chuck’s career (propelled by the #4 pop hit “Feels So Good”). Long out of print (and one of the most requested reissues on the internet), this classic makes it’s digitally remastered return, complete with it’s original gatefold packaging elements.

Track List:

[Disc 1]
1. Feels So Good
2. The XIth Commandment
3. Chase The Clouds Away
4. Hill Where The Lord Hides
5. Doin’ Everything With You
6. Love The Feelin’
7. I Get Crazy
[Disc 2]
1. Land Of Make Believe
2. Hide And Seek
3. The Day After (Our First Night Together)
4. Children Of Sanchez (Main Theme)
5. B’Bye
6. Children Of Sanchez (Finale)
7. Main Squeeze
8. Feels So Good (Encore)


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 82839670128

Artist: Chuck Mangione

Release Date: 10/26/1999

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Live At The Hollywood Bowl


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