Angela Y Davis – Prison Industrial Complex – CD


Prison Industrial Complex
Artist: Angela Y Davis
UPC: 721616023428


Angela Davis is a legendary speaker, known for the clarity & subtlety of her thought and the compelling compassion of her delivery. This 1997 talk from Boulder, Colorado offers a succinct, yet compelling argument that the time to stop prison expansion is now. Also discussed are the evils of Nike, corporate crimes, the demonization of immigrants, and crimes against the environment.

Track List:

1. On Becoming An Activist
2. Race Class & Incarceration
3. Young Black Men & Prison
4. Technologies Of Punishment
5. The Specter Of Crime
6. Political Persecution
7. Enemies Are Needed
8. Targeting Women
9. Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric
10. Nike
11. The War On Drugs
12. Corporations & Patterns Of Immigration
13. The Prison Industrial Complex
14. Making A Difference
15. Who Pays Who Plays
16. What Is To Be Done?
17. Breaking The Silence


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: VOCAL

UPC: 721616023428

Artist: Angela Y Davis

Release Date: 12/14/1999

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Prison Industrial Complex


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