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Talking Heads ’77
Artist: Talking Heads
UPC: 75992742320


Talking Heads: David Byrne (vocals, guitar); Jerry Harrison (guitar, keyboards, background vocals); Tina Weymouth (bass); Chris Frantz (drums). Recorded at Sundragon Studios, New York, New York. Personnel: Jerry Harrison (vocals, guitar, keyboards); David Byrne (vocals, guitar); Tina Weymouth (vocals); Chris Frantz (drums). Recording information: Sun dragon Studios, New York, NY; Sundragon Studios, N. Y. C. Photographer: Mick Rock. When they burst out of the New York underground/CBGB’s movement, the Heads stood apart from the pack because not only were they unlike anything that gone before, they were even anomalous to their contemporaries. a million miles from the detached irony of Blondie or the willful primitivism of the Ramones, the Talking Heads virtually invented geek-rock, setting the stage for everyone from the Violent Femmes to They Might Be Giants. Lyrically, David Byrne came off as the guy who thought too much about everything. Fortunately, he also happened to be a unique visionary, whose quirky, hyper-cerebral modernism echoed the work of poet John Ashbery and “serious” composer Robert Ashley. All this high-mindedness doesn’t detract from the infectious rock & roll appeal of the tunes on the band’s debut album, though. Their twitchy, preppies-on-amphetamines rhythms and semi-neurotic gestalt fueled tunes like twisted anthem “Psycho Killer” and the jubilant “Pulled Up. ” Byrne’s high, yelping tenor was the perfect complement to the band’s tightly-wound but kinetic rhythms, and 77 is an auspicious debut.

Track List:

1. Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town
2. New Feeling
3. Tentative Decisions
4. Happy Day
5. Who Is It?
6. No Compassion
7. The Book I Read
8. Don’t Worry About The Government
9. First Week/Last Week… Care Free
10. Psycho Killer
11. Pulled Up


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 75992742320

Artist: Talking Heads

Release Date: 07/07/1987

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Talking Heads '77


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