Raga Hamir

Brinda Roy Chowdhury
Brinda Roy Chowdhury

Brinda Roy Chowdhury Ray is today’s expert and she has selected Raga Hamir for this week. About the raga, she says, “Raga Hamir, also known as Hambir, belongs to Kalyan thaat. Jaati is sampurna. The 2 Mas used are shudh and teevra. The swara that is used the most is Dha and the next highly used swara is Ga. Aaroha has Sa Re Sa Ga Ma Dha Ni Dha Sa and Avaroha has Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma (teevra) Pa Dha Pa Ga Ma Re Sa. The time to sing this raga is between 6.30 – 9.00 PM. The creation of Hamir is attributed to Hamir, the prince of Mewar. This raga is a favorite of the Gwalior Gharana. Moods of this raga include bhakti, sringaar (romance) and veer rasa.”
Bollywood and Raga Hamir: Some Bollywood songs based on Raga Hamir are:
Madhuban mein Radhika naache re… Kohinoor (1960)
Lachhmi murat daras dikhaye… Street Singer (1938)
Chhed diye mere dil ke taar… Ragini (1958)
Main to tere hasin khayalon mein kho gaya… Sangram (1965)

Brinda sings Raga Hamir – https://soundcloud.com/brinda-roy-choudhury/hamir-brinda


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  1. The songs which have been referred to in the review of Raga Hamir by Brinda RoyChoudhury are very popular but I didn’t know them to be Raga Hamir. We often listen to many songs several times but don’t make the connection with the respective Ragas. So again thanks to Brinda RoyChoudhury and Gayatri Rao for the effort.

  2. Brinda’s voice brings out the subtleties of the raga melodiously and transports us into a different and beautiful world. Thank you, once again, Gayatri, for sharing the description of the raga. Origins of a raga often influences the songs it is used for. I think the use of the raga for the veer and shringar rasa songs can be attributed to its origins in Rajasthan

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