Naftule Brandwein – King Of The Klezmer Clarinet – CD


King Of The Klezmer Clarinet
Artist: Naftule Brandwein
UPC: 11661112728


Stories of his outrageous behavior and brazen self-promotion abound, but let the needle slip into the groove of a Brandwein 78 rpm disc and his musical genius becomes abundantly clear. King of the Klezmer Clarinet collects 25 such sides recorded from 1925-1941; compelling proof as to how his style and repertoire shaped modern klezmer music.

Track List:

1. Heiser Bulgar
2. Be Happy, Jews
3. Der Terkisher-Bulgar Tanz
4. Kolomeika (Ukrainian Dance)
5. Naftule Plays For The Rabbi
6. Nifty’s Freilach
7. Oh Daddy, That’s Good!
8. Der Terk In America
9. Where Were You Before Prohibition?
10. The Dearest One In Bukovina
11. Der Heisser (Tartar Dance)
12. Hora With Onions
13. Returning From The River
14. Long Live Palestine
15. The Rabbi’s Disciple
16. Der Yid In Jerusaleim
17. Bulgar Ala Naftule
18. Little Princess
19. Turkishe Yalle Vey Uve
20. Naftule, Play It Again
21. Araber Tanz
22. Nifty’s Own
23. Fifteen Years Away From Home (Russian Dance)
24. Where There Are Two, Naftule Is The Third
25. Happy Holiday


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 11661112728

Artist: Naftule Brandwein

Release Date: 01/14/1997

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King Of The Klezmer Clarinet


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