Michael / Frederick Hurley – Have Moicy – CD


Have Moicy
Artist: Michael / Frederick Hurley
UPC: 11661301023


These unruly folk-rock rascals (who added “Un-” to their name for this release because Steve Weber wasn’t on it) had a blast and made one of their most irrepressibly enjoyable recordings with this 1976 LP. They cover fast food, romance, digestion and robbery as you behold Slurf Song; Robbin’ Banks; Griselda; Sweet Lucy; Country Bump, and more!

Track List:

1. Midnight In Paris
2. Robbin’ Banks
3. Slurf Song
4. Jacknife/The Red Newt
5. Griselda
6. What Made My Hamburger Disappear
7. Sweet Lucy
8. Country Bump
9. Fooey Fooey
10. Jealous Daddy’s Death Song
11. Driving Wheel
12. Weep Weep Weep
13. Hoodoo Bash


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 11661301023

Artist: Michael / Frederick Hurley

Release Date: 09/23/1991

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Have Moicy


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