Leon Russell – Will O’the Wisp – CD


Will O’the Wisp
Artist: Leon Russell
UPC: 724383553921


J.J. Cale and the MG’s are in the band on this relaxed, yet funky, album from ’75. The LP went to #30, and it’s songs Lady Blue and Back to the Island both scored on the pop charts.

Track List:

1. Will O’ The Wisp
2. Little Hideaway
3. Make You Feel Good
4. Can’t Get Over Losing You
5. My Father’s Shoes
6. Stay Away From Sad Songs
7. Back To The Island
8. Down On Deep River
9. Blue Bird
10. Laying Right Here In Heaven
11. Lady Blue


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 724383553921

Artist: Leon Russell

Release Date: 10/10/1995

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Will O'the Wisp


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