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This Friday, April 20th, Th Pioneer in Fountain Square will be featuring one of the more unique groups to pass through Indianapolis. Hailing from Toronto, Yamantaka //Sonic Titan is more than a prog-rock collective. Joining them for the night will be local Indianapolis band, Spandrels.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan is a Noh-Wave prog collective, theater company, and “operatic psych-cult”, whatever that means. After forming in 2010, the group released their debut album “YT // ST” in 2012. Their sophomore album “UZU” came out the following year. It was the last album they made until their most recent, “Dirt” came out last month.

According to Yamantaka // Sonic Titan’s website, “The album was conceived as the soundtrack for an unreleased Haudenosaunee and Buddhist themed Anime produced in 1987”. As far as obscurity goes, I’d say that’s pretty hard to beat.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan consists of Alaska B (drums, keys, electronics, vocals, programming), Angie Loft (vocals, stage and costume), Brendan Swanson (keys), Joanna Delos Reyes (vocals, gongs, guitar), Hiroki Tanaka (guitar), and Brandon Lim (bass).

You can listen to all of Yamantaka // Sonic Titan on Bandcamp. You can also find them by visiting their website, or Facebook page.


Spandrels is a noise pop band from Indianapolis, and the opening act for the show at The Pioneer this Friday. According to their website, “Spandrels began in 2011 as the solo noise project of guitarist/vocalist Casey No”, who is originally from Evansville, Indiana. While they’ve been around for awhile, Spandrels just released their debut single “Tiger’s Eye” last month. you can listen to “Tiger’s Eye” on Bandcamp.

Spandrels are Casey No (vocals, guitar), Isabel Skidmore (bass), Isaac Arms (guitar), and Christine Pallon (drums).

You can find out more about Spandrels by visiting their website. For more information, you can find Spandrels on Facebook.


The show with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and Spandrels starts at 10:00 pm on Friday, April 20th. Tickets to the show are eight dollars if bought in advance, and ten at the door.


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