Preview: Psych, Soul, and Rock at The Pioneer


Next Wednesday, April 18th, The Pioneer in Fountain Square will be featuring live psych, soul, and rock music all night. The lineup will feature Minor Moon, an indie rock band from Chicago, along with two local acts, BYBYE, and Vess Ruhtenberg.


BYBYE is an electronic and experimental soul band from Indianapolis. They just recently released their first full length album, “Metamorphasize” earlier this year. The album features Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket on pedal steel and electric guitar, and Jared Thompson of Premium Blend on Saxophone. Before releasing “Metamorphosize”, BYBYE had “Extinct EP”, also in 2018, and their self-titled EP debut in 2015. You can listen to all of BYBYE’s music on their Bandcamp page.

BYBYE consists of Martin Green (organ, vocals), Nick Peoni (lead guitar), Sam Shafer (acoustic guitar, keys, vocals), Paul Symons (drums), and Cody Davis (bass).

To find out more about BYBYE, you can visit their website. You can also find BYBYE on Facebook.

Minor Moon

Minor Moon is the songwriting project of Sam Cantor, a musician based in Chicago, IL. The band released its debut “Faultlines EP” in 2014, followed by their first full length album, “A Whisper, A Shout” in 2015. Minor Moon’s most recent release, “Know What Our Enemies Know” came out in 2017. You can listen to Minor Moon on Bandcamp.

The members of Minor Moon are Sam Cantor, Michael Downing, Colin Drozdoff, and Nathan Bojko. You can find Minor Moon on their website, or on Facebook.

Vess Ruhtenberg

Vess Ruhtenberg is a solo indie, pop, rock, and punk musician from Indianapolis. According to his profile, Ruhtenberg “has been in bands such as: Zero Boys,Lemonheads, The Pieces, The United States Three, Antenna, and Action Strasse”. 

Vess Ruhtenberg’s debut single, “Lady Liberty” came out in October of 2017, and was followed shortly by the release of his first full length album “Tremendous Downtime”, in November of the same year. You can listen to all of Ruhtenberg’s music by visiting his Bandcamp page. You can also find him on Facebook.


The show with BYBYE, Minor Moon, and Vess Ruhtenberg starts at 10:00 pm at The Pioneer on Wednesday, April 18th. A five dollar cover will get you through the door.



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