Another Fort Wayne resident continues to wow judges on “The Voice”


When the latest season of “The Voice” started, there was a bit of excitement around the idea that two young contestants from Indiana were on the show. Now that the show is several episodes in, one Indiana native has been eliminated. While on the surface, both contestants had equal opportunity to be successful on the show, Christiana Danielle remains.

Jordan Kirkdorffer and “The Voice”

Some audiences will remember that Jordan Kirkdorffer is the singer from New Paris, Indiana who began college at Belmont University with every intention of studying voice, only to become an accountant. Then, he moved to Nashville to focus on music. His story had such potential for drama, that it was a disappointment that Kirkdorffer’s time on the show was cut short. The singer was a member of Team Blake.

While Kirkdorffer’s run on “The Voice” might be a disappointment to some, hopefully, the singer got what he needed from his time on the show. Follow-up chats with Kirkdorffer would be interesting to find out what he is up to next. Again, the suspense factor plays a role in the performer’s narrative: Will he return to his life as a CPA, or will he simply return to Nashville as a full-time, albeit wiser, singer?

Christiana Danielle and “The Voice”

Closer to home for Fort Wayne residents is Christiana Danielle. The Summit City native, like Kirkdorffer, also pursued a practical degree (nursing) before heading to “The Voice.” Now that Kirkdorffer has been eliminated, all Hoosier eyes are on Christiana. The singer is very good about taking to social media to express her appreciation for the support she has received, and to get people to keep watching “The Voice.” Her enthusiasm encourages others to be supportive of her.

So what does Christiana’s success mean? It means that Addison Agen’s run on the show wasn’t a fluke of some sort. It could also mean that talented young people in Fort Wayne, and cities like it will get the resources they need to pursue their dreams.

The point is, every time someone succeeds on a show that is typically underrepresented by people from flyover country, it begins to change the perception of middle America.

Of course, that is the very big picture that comes perhaps long after the likes of Agen and Christiana have shown that Indiana does nurture talent. For right now, the young singer has one job, to sing the best that she can.

Christiana is on Team Alicia.



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