Are you a PR firm looking to publicize your artist or a small-time artist looking to get your music out into the world? LemonWire is here to help! With our new press release portal, you can upload your press release material directly to our website.

All you need to do is visit: create an account (it’s FREE), upload your content, and our team of editors will review it and publish it directly to our site! No more chasing down writers, sending out countless e-mails and follow-ups. Now you can spread the word, and we’ll do the rest!

Why LemonWire?

LemonWire began as a small online publication in 2016 with one uniting vision: to connect across borders through the universal language of music. Whether it’s an album review, album drop, a concert, a festival, or a single release, our team of dedicated writers from all over the world are here to cover these stories and spark critical and meaningful conversations.

With up to 250 000 monthly hits on the site, our viewership is growing, and so are we! With this in mind, we created this PR platform to continue highlighting emerging talented artists. This LemonWire platform will ensure that your content finds the right audience- what better place than a community of music lovers?


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