Raga Madhuvanti


Today’s Classical Music Expert Jyotsna Rana selected Raga Madhuvanti for this week. She said, “Though Raga Madhuvanti is considered as the invention of modern times, all musicians love and adore this raga. It’s also called Raga Ambika. The mood of this raga is Shringar or romanticism. The time when this raga is sung between noon and 4 PM. Ga is komal and Ma is teevra and this makes the raga very sweet. The other swaras are shuddha. The jati is Audhav-Sampoorna. Aaroha has 5 notes in the ascending sequence and 7 notes in the descending or avaroha. This raga has been derived from Thaat Todi. However, many musicians differ on this issue. The nuances of this raga are like Raga Multani. So we can actually keep it in Thaat Todi. This raga has Pa as vaadi and Re as samvadi.”

Bollywood and Raga Madhuvanti: The composed have not used this raga in the pure form in Bollywood. Some songs are very loosely based on this raga by removing the teevra Ma. Pure raga is not applied, but light music can cause variations in the songs according to the lyrics and the mood of the situation of the song. Besides, this is an uncommon raga in Hindi films. Thus, there are very few songs composed in this raga. These songs are difficult compositions. Some of them are:

Rasm-e-ulfat ko nibhayen… Dil Ki Rahen (1973)

Ae Ajnabi tub hi kabhi… Dil Se (1998)

Radha kaise na jale… Lagaan (2001)


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  1. Gayatri Rao this is a message for you. Your passion n dedication is something to write about. I so happy to be in touch with you.
    Assiduously keep striving for great things you are doing to keep our grand sagacious Music alive. Great good luck.

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